Build Meaningful Customer Connections In A Unique Market

You have all the necessary qualities of a leading golf brand. You offer a high-quality product and unparalleled expertise. You know the game and its players backwards, forwards, and inside out.

You have the solution, because you understand the problem.

The only challenge is proving these facts to increasingly skeptical consumers.

In the highly competitive golf industry, cookie-cutter marketing strategies are not enough to win the trust of buyers. Your prospective customers need to feel understood, from the frustration they feel in the sand trap to the joy of passing the game onto their kids.

T-Interactive: Your Partner in Specialized Golf Marketing

T-Interactive is your solution for a golf PR strategy. Our team members are not only marketing experts; they're also golfers. From golf professionals to weekend warriors, every specialist at T-Interactive has a personal relationship with the game and an in-depth knowledge of golf lifestyle.

We know how your customers think. We know what your competitors offer. We will help you find your edge in a crowded industry.

Stand Out and Demonstrate Value with Quality Commercial Videos

Let Us Customize a PR Strategy to Meet the Needs of Your Brand

T-Interactive offers a comprehensive range of marketing services including:

  • Full video production

  • Website design

  • Email copy

  • Sales copy

  • Email management

  • Email capture system

  • Golf product and TV talent

  • Social media engagement

  • Product launch programs

Contact us today to get started on a tailored marketing plan.