Meet Our Team!

At T-Interactive, we pride ourselves on a fully diversified team that can create the solutions for you, no matter your needs. Our team members each bring specialized skills to help you reach your audience through a variety of media.

Todd Kolb, Company Founder

PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb has had a decades-long career in the field of golf, making him our foremost expert on the unique culture and trends of the industry. In addition to being founder of T-Interactive, Todd is one of the most sought-after coaches in golf, serving as Director of Golf for Sanford POWER Golf Academy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and personally coaching five professional golfers, including three LPGA tour players. His knowledge of the game and the golf industry provide him with unique insights to guide product development and messaging for our clients. Todd oversees company strategy and business development.

Favorite Golf Moment:
"Winning the Adult/Junior State Championship with my son."
Favorite Golfer:
"Steve Ballesteros"
Biggest Career Highlight:
"Starting TKGA and providing high-level golf coaching for the golfers of our area."

Tyler is the key strategist who will help you take your company to the next level. He has been in marketing, sales, and brand building for ten years, first getting his hands dirty with USGolfTV. That first major project was how he and the team really learned what it took to build a brand, and Tyler has now worked directly with over 30 clients in the golf industry alone. Driven by a genuine passion for people and a desire to help quality companies tell their stories, Tyler will work one-on-one with you to design creative strategies tailored to the strengths of your company and the needs of the market.

Favorite Golf Moment:
"Getting to play a round of golf with my wife, son, and dad all at the same time! We all had different skill levels but were able to compete, spend time together, and be outside TOGETHER!"
Favorite Golfer:
"Tiger Woods — as a golfer. Not a person, but a GOLFER! He has done so much for the game of golf and the business of golf."
Biggest Career Highlight:
"Helping take USGolfTV from an idea to a legitimate business!"

Tyler Prins, COO/Project Lead
Jordan Knowlton, Systems Director

Coming to T-Interactive with a computer science background, Jordan creates and operates all the online systems of e-commerce and marketing. Jordan is your solution to the unwieldy email lists and tedious social media outreach that keep you from focusing on the big picture. He has built numerous high-performing websites, created back-end email solutions for multi-million dollar companies, and has increased customer engagement through social media campaigns. He also has extensive experience managing large email lists and creating automated email funnels.

Favorite Golf Moment:
"As one of the casual golfers in the company, pretty much anytime I make a birdie!"
Most Dreaded Golf Shot:
"Anything involving bunkers and sand. Who decided to put those on golf courses, anyway?"
Favorite Golfer:
"Bubba Watson"

Nick leads video production at T-Interactive, providing high-quality, engaging solutions for video outreach. He holds a degree in Electronic Media from the University of South Dakota, and in his time at our company, he has produced nine seasons of a 30-minute national golf television show, as well as multiple nationally televised commercials. He has also created a YouTube channel with over 40,000 subscribers, helped launch numerous successful online training programs, and has overseen production on thousands of instructional golf videos. Nick has served as editor-in-chief of the USGolfTV website for the last year.

Favorite Part of the Job:
"Creating something that resonates with golfers of different skill levels, experiences, and abilities."
Favorite Golf Moment:
"Winning a 4-person scramble over Father's Day weekend with my wife, dad, and brother."
Favorite Golf Club:
"Foot Wedge"

Nick Anson, Head of Video Production
Abigail Wurdeman, Copywriter

Abigail collaborates with all departments to create written copy that inspires customer engagement. With backgrounds in both content writing and screenwriting, she is all about adapting to the unique voice of a client and finding that perfect intersection of authoritative and approachable. Abigail is here to (literally) tell the story of your company.

Favorite Golf Course:
"Emerald Bay in Bullard, Texas. If I'm there, it means I'm golfing with my dad."
Favorite Thing About Golf:
"More than most sports, golf allows you to focus on self-improvement rather than constantly ranking yourself against everyone else. Also, that thwack sound is pretty satisfying."